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Thursday, May 5, 2011

about my feeling before and after taking the public speaking

Assalumualaikum to Miss Nisya           
            For the fifth semester students in Kolej Poly-tech Mara, Bangi is required to taking the subject public speaking .For me, this subject is very difficult and so hard because I was heard so many stories from my seniors has was taking this subject. So automatically I was afraid to want taking this subject. Other than that, I was realized that my confident level to talk infront of many people is very low. Beside this, I also is a very a shy person in my life. To talk in front of many students is very hard for me because when I was giving my speech automatically my brain blank and I got the stuck when everybody looking at me. My feeling before taking this subject is I very nervous person when I was giving the speech in front the many peoples.
           After taking this subject I was realized that my confident level is increasingly. Beside this I not was afraid anymore when giving the speech in front of many people. So I had to get used to speaking in public. In addition there are many advantages tostudy this subject in my public speaking. With a variety of speech that I learned from Miss Nisya and I practiced it can also me some proper ways to stand, how to use the correct tone and more than Nisya miss. I also do not feel scared anymore to give a speech like this before taking the subject. While not denying the fear is still there, I stil l can give the best speeches when we do the assignment. In addition I also go to many experiences of this subject is such a forum. From the forum there are a variety of tasks for this information I never knew and cared. In addition I can also learn how to working a group.The many  moral values ​​that I can from this subject. For example, do not quickly give up, keep the business and is confident in themselves. I also want to thank you goes to Miss Nisya who have taught me about the subject of public speaking. Beside this Nisya miss it was a lot of patience with the behavior students.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Way It Should Be
Solitude have I to endure,
seemingly held with disclosure.
A fellow left astray,
as yet from yesterday.

Flashing your dainty, disarming smile,
warms my heart every once in a while.
Our longtime kinship
will always bloom with friendship.

It has never been so profound,
a lifetime friend have I found.
Let our friendship be a bond,
which can never be like a dry pond.

Let us not forget the dreams we share,
forever like sisters or brothers we care.
You'll always be a friend to me,
and that's the way it should be.

Monday, October 11, 2010

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